We are storytellers.

We tell stories through video.

This can be a family member, a video tribute, or the star of a special happening be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, religious, school, business, personal, memorial service, graduation, reunion, work, sporting, organizational or event.

We videotape any of these celebrations for the dual purposes of telling the story in a film like way and to archive the special event for future viewing and enjoyment.

Our mission is to provide the client with a professional video production that conveys and illustrates your chosen subject in a visually powerful and compelling style.

We can also use your photos, video, documents, and film to tell the story. We can videotape interviews of friends, family members, employees or other persons who are important in telling your story. The final video is set to music of your choice (you must provide the songs on one of your legally purchased CD's or downloads) or we can create a royalty free music track for you.

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