Silby Video Productions offers a wide variety of services including a professional video product focused on the story of the individual, couple, team, or family. The stories are personal in style, positive in attitude, and imbued with a touch of humor. They are meant to educate, inform, visualize and archive the story of the individual, couple, group or family.

The video can be of a school, sports, or company event; a celebratory function; or of a family history, remembrance or memorial; or of anyone who has a story to tell.

Weddings are a favorite of ours.

We also produce brief video movies of professionals for informational, marketing and web video purposes.

The video on this page is an example of a family video.  See under other "services" for other video examples.

Most videos are brief excepts (1-2 minutes) from the full videos, which run between 5 and 35 minutes.

still from a family biographic video

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