Services: Medical Videos

Physician Practices

We video your office or surgicenter, with an emphasis on who you are, your credentials, your office procedures, and examples of the work you do.

Surgical or medical procedures, or medical therapies such as P.T., chiropractic, acupuncture, biofeedback and others, can be documented along with risks, complications, indications, benefits, and so on. The finished product can be put on your web site or a DVD which the patient can view either in your office or at home.

In addition to other HIPPA compliant forms, having the patient sign a statement that they have viewed, understood and been informed by the video may give you an additional layer of legal protection.

Research Projects

For drug or other research projects, we prepare a video to play in your waiting room, web site or to be taken home by the prospective patient. It would detail the study design, diagnosis required, patient participation needs, whether payment for study participation is available, drug company involved, methodology, and so on.


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